30% of your web traffic is invisible

Due to firewalls and other filters you're missing data from 30% of your website visitors.

Making your decisions 30% less accurate.

First-party analytics is the future.

Get there without changing service.

Run rrreGAIN to get a visual on that 30%

Turn Google Analytics and other third-party web analytics services into first-party analytics on your own domain. First-party content is accepted by most filters.

Get your traffic back in 5 minutes, securely and efficient.

For on your website, re-routes blocked traffic
Restore 30% of Your Traffic
Know what's really going on with your website
On Your Domain
Have Analytics run on mydomain.com/analytics.js
Works With
Google Analytics, GTag, GTM and eXTReMe Tracking
Cookie Consent Compatible
Will adhere given consents
Easy Setup
No changes to your tracking tags or GTM needed
Stellar Support
Free · Up to 500 pageviews daily
Pro · 25/month, up to 5k views daily
Ultra · 75/month, up to 25k views daily
Unlimited · 145/month, > 25k views daily
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We will only use your data to enable our service.
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Custom Adjustments
Anything, we can assist
Other Third-Parties
Adobe, Heap, Matomo, Mixpanel
Dedicated Nodes
Dedicated IP TLS Certificates
Any Volume
Implementation Hands-on
SLA + Emergency Reachability


How do I enable on my website?

After signing up you'll be guided through the few steps to activate rrreGAIN on your website, a preview:

  1. Sign up above
  2. Create a new CNAME DNS record, this is done in the dashboard of your domain register like Godaddy
  3. Add the rrreGAIN Tag to your template just below the opening <head> tag
  4. Done!
Check with your website developer if needed, it won't take more than a few minutes.
Does it always recover 30%? Could it be 60%?

It depends on your traffic type, the percentage ranges from 5% to as high as 60%.

Try it on your website and experience what your percentage is.

Does it affect regular traffic?

It does not affect your regular traffic in any way.

To not intefere with your normal traffic and let the third-party handle it like they do we exclude the regular traffic group from being re-routed.

Does slow down my website?

Nope, it's all blazing performant.

We have nodes in almost all continents, serving your tag directly to your visitors.

Why is a new subdomain needed?

The new subdomain will look something like www2.mydomain.com

This is needed to make your third-party analytics act like a first-party.

Is my new subdomain secured by a SSL certificate?

Yes, HTTPS without any costs and auto renewed.

Are Google Tag Manager and the GTag supported?


We'll re-route these tags through your domain when they're blocked.

Can I separate the restored visitors in Google Analytics?

Yes, we send an Event to Google Analytics if a visitor is regained through your subdomain.

With this Event you can segment and filter to select data from just the regained or just the regular traffic group.

You can disable this within your My Account if this is not needed.

Does it give me new insights?


If you compare regained traffic vs regular traffic in Google Analytics you can find out if their behaviour is different. With these findings you can improve your website so that both groups get the best experience and you the most pageviews and conversions.

And ofcourse, analyzing 100% of your traffic is much more accurate instead of just 70%!

Can I cancel my paid subscription anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your account whenever you wish by sending us a message through your My Account. Recurring will then stop immediately.

Questions? Email us!